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    The best way to keep you SIGG fresh and clean is washing it by hand. We recommend rinsing your SIGG thoroughly under the faucet with warm, soapy water at the end of every use and letting it air dry with the top off. SIGG cleaning brushes and tablets are the perfect tools to help ensure your bottle remains clean during years of regular use.


    • Before using for the first time, rinse the bottle, seal and drinking cap.
    • Suitable for fruit juices and isotonic drinks.
    • When using with carbonated drinks, avoid unnecessary shaking and take care when opening.
    • Alcoholic, fermented or nutrient-rich beverages may cause excessive pressure to build up inside the bottle.
    • SIGG bottles are not suitable for the long-term storage of drinks. We recommend you enjoy your beverage while it is still fresh.
    • Fill bottle below the rim to ensure no leakage as the cap is screwed on.
    • Always store the bottle open with the cap off.
    • Do not use for non-drinkable substances (e.g. liquid fuels).
    • Do not microwave or cook with your SIGG.
    • Do not freeze your bottle or it may explode as liquids solidify and expand when frozen.
    • Bottles can be placed in the refrigerator.
    • Always check that the drinking cap is firmly screwed in place during transport.
    • Take care when using with warm drinks. We do not recommend for very hot beverages as the aluminum shell is not insulated and will conduct heat.
    • Do not use hard-bristled brushes, steel wool or other hard abrasives to clean your SIGG.
    • SIGG bottles are aluminum and easily recyclable at the end of their very long life.
    • Children should only be allowed to drink from bottles with a drinking cap. Always check that the drinking cap is firmly in place.