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    All SIGG brand aluminum bottles are manufactured in our company-owned factory located in Frauenfeld, Switzerand - approximately 30 miles outside Zurich.

    SIGG has a proud Swiss heritage spanning over 100 years. From its founding in 1908 to its position today as a leading global design brand, SIGG has always kept quality and craftsmanship at its core.

    The people that produce SIGG bottles are company employees that care about the quality of the products they build.

    The setting in Frauenfeld is beautiful - a small town surrounded by gentle hillsides. From our factory you see working family farms, across the street a rolling stream and the community garden.

    We are privileged to operate our business in such a special place. We also understand that we must operate responsibly. Our factory meets the highest environmental standards in Switzerland. From the recycling of aluminum scrap and the cleaning and reuse of our water supply to the safe working environment we create for our employees, our factory is a true source of pride.

    In 2008, Newsweek magazine declared Switzerland the "greenest country in the world." Attention to and care for the environment is part of being Swiss.

    Manufactured from a single piece of pure aluminum, SIGG bottles are perfectly extruded for uniform, seamless construction ensuring leak-proof performance and extreme durability.

    To learn more about the production process, watch this video from the popular TV show "How It's Made" www.howitismade.net.

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