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    SIGG has a proud Swiss heritage spanning over 100 years. From its founding in 1908 to its position today as a leading global design brand, SIGG has always kept quality and craftsmanship at its core.

    • 1908 Establishment of the company by Ferdinand Sigg in Biel, Switzerland.
    • 1917 Move to Frauenfeld. Company becomes SIGG AG Aluminiumwarenfabrik.
    • 1958 The whole range of goods produced by SIGG covers thousands of household and sports articles.
    • 1980 Production starts for the first single-color coated drinking bottles.
    • 1990 Semi-industrial production of the bottles. Commercial launch of the SIGG Sportsbottle with 0.75l.
    • 1992 The trendy, multi-color coated SIGG bottles with the distinctive drinking cap enter the market.
    • 1993 The SIGG bottle is admitted to the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York.
    • 1995 Move to the new production facility and place into operation a fully automatic bottle line for four colors screen printing.
    • 1999 The company decides to focus its activities on the production of the SIGG bottle.
    • 2004 Move to the new office building and storage facility. Upgrading of the printing process to six colors.
    • 2006 Launch of the Active Bottle Top.
    • 2007 Establishment of the German subsidiary.
    • 2008 SIGG celebrates 100 year anniversary, further expands its production facilities and enjoys a market presence in more than 40 countries.
    SIGG history