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  • Traveler Dark Blue 0.4L

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    Product Information:

    A safe, stylish alternative to plastic water bottles, SIGG water bottles are a great choice for transporting beverages on your daily commute or while backcountry hiking. This ultra-lightweight bottle is extruded from a single piece of aluminum and holds .4 liter of fluid. Designed to fit your on-the-go lifestyle, it comes with a loop top bottle cap, which may be secured via hook or carabiner clip to a backpack or daypack.

    SIGG bottles are virtually unbreakable and are constructed with no seams, ensuring a long-lasting, leak-proof performance. They also feature SIGG's proprietary baked-on inner liner, which is made from a non-toxic, water-based epoxy resin that exceeds FDA requirements for leaching (0.0 percent) and is independently tested to be taste- and scent-neutral. Every SIGG bottle is 100% recyclable at the end of its life and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

    Fill your SIGG Water Bottle with H2O or an electrolyte-infused sport drink and hop on your bike. Or get on the trail. Or dash to the gym. Or fumble to work. Or saunter downtown. This aluminum bottle with its EcoCare liner keeps your drink tasting like drink (and not like plastic) and ensures a fresh, clean taste, with no metallic aftertaste. The screw-on top makes sure your gym, hiking or work bag won't end up soggy.

    The SIGG Traveler Water Bottle delivers all the benefits of a lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, leak-proof water bottle in a sophisticated style!

    • Incredibly lightweight and durable
    • Crack proof, spill proof
    • Reusable and recyclable
    • Coated in a leaching- and buildup-resistant inner lining
    • The last water bottle you will ever buy!
    • Doesn't give beverages a plastic taste
    • May be placed in the refrigerator
    • Certified free of harmful chemicals
    • Aluminum
    • Reusable/recyclable bottle
    • Eco-friendly
    • Leak-proof

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