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  • Traveler Red 1.0L

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    Item Number: 832640

    Product Information:

    The modern classic SIGG reusable water bottle – a perfect blend of functionality and design. The SIGG Traveler Water Bottle delivers all the benefits of a lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, leak-proof water bottle in a sophisticated style!

    This reusable aluminum water bottle is coated with metallic red non-toxic paint and comes with our standard SIGG Black Screw Top, but may be outfitted with any SIGG bottle top. Made in Switzerland, the SIGG traveler features our EcoCare liner. SIGG's EcoCare liner is made from BPA-free and phthalate-free ingredients and ensures a fresh, clean taste every time.

    • Incredibly lightweight and durable
    • Crack proof, spill proof
    • Reusable and recyclable
    • Coated in a leaching- and buildup-resistant inner lining
    • The last water bottle you will ever buy!
    • Doesn't give beverages a plastic taste
    • May be placed in the refrigerator
    • Certified free of harmful chemicals
    • Aluminum
    • Reusable/recyclable bottle
    • Eco-friendly
    • Leak-proof
    SIGG's EcoCare liner is made from BPA-FREE and PHTHALATE-FREE ingredients