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  • Cuipo Steve the Sloth 0.6L

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    Cuipo, a brand with a mission to save the rainforest, has collaborated with SIGG Switzerland AG, the manufacturer of premium Swiss-made bottles, to bring a unique cast of characters and designer water bottle to the masses. Even better, when you buy a Cuipo branded SIGG bottle and enter an activation code, one square meter of rainforest will be preserved in your name!

    No, you haven't gained the ability to control time and make things go slower around you. You're just looking at Steve the Three-Toed Sloth. Steve, the master of maxing and relaxing, spends his days hanging out in Sloth Central high in the rainforest canopy. Why go anywhere, when your chatty best friend Tiko the Toucan can give you the scoop on the latest drama in the forest? Don't judge Steve too quickly by his carefree and lazy ways. He is a heavy thinker and a champion swimmer. So kick back and grab a drink with an umbrella in it and get ready to do a lot of nothing.

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