Happy SIGG Mo 0.6L

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To help raise awareness for prostate cancer and to support the men of SIGG in their moustache growing endeavors, SIGG will produce a limited quantity of our world famous bottles bearing a moustache. This year SIGG has decided to join the cause with special, themed bottles – proudly bearing moustaches. The Swiss-made drinking bottle comes in high-quality aluminum and is highly resistant to close shaves of all types.

The commemorative SIGG bottle is available in three sizes – 0.4l, 0.6l or 1.0l. In addition to these special, limited-edition bottles being available at the (SIGG online shop in the USA and Canada, they also may be purchased from limited locations in select European countries. Proceeds of sales will be donated to local charities focusing on men's health issues in individual markets.

Happy SIGG Mo'!

SIGG's EcoCare liner is made from BPA-FREE and PHTHALATE-FREE ingredients